Guacamole time!

June 8, 2024


At Exeter Engineering, one of our favorite meals is…anything that has guacamole. 😎 Over the years, we’ve partnered with many avocado producers and we know what it takes to get a good avocado from the orchard to your table. That’s one of the reasons that one of the first products we set our new AccuVision 360 sorter to work on was the avocado. Using our industry-leading ID Technology, AI-powered optical grading suite, the AccuVision 360 will help you quickly, accurately, and gently sort your avocado crop, maximizing your profit… and minimizing the time before it can become guacamole! It works pretty darn good on mangoes too! Check out the AccuVision 360 product page or get in touch to learn more.

AccuVision 360 in action

June 6, 2024


Here’s a little video we shot of our newest sorter, the AccuVision 360, in action on some potatoes. The AccuVision 360 represents another giant stride forward from Exeter Engineering. It is one of the fastest machines out there and the best machine we make to take advantage of ID Technology — our industry leading, AI-powered optical grading suite. Check out the product page or get in touch to learn more.

A new melon line taking shape


Our installation team is working diligently in Southern California to assemble and commission this melon line for the upcoming season. That’s an AccuVision XL they’re installing in the photos. Excellent choice! 🍈 🍉

Exeter Engineering is going to CA Citrus Mutual 2024 Citrus Showcase banner

Exeter Engineering is going to the 2024 Citrus Showcase

Exeter Engineering is going to CA Citrus Mutual 2024 Citrus Showcase banner
March 4, 2024In News


We are pleased to announce that Exeter Engineering will be once again attending California Citrus Mutual’s 2024 Citrus Showcase in Visalia, California on March 14th. We hope you will join us at the Visalia Convention Center for this fantastic event.

Exeter Engineering has partnered with the citrus industry since 1978. For 46 years, we have helped countless farmers, packers and other folks in the business make their operations smoother and improve their bottom line. So, if you are at the Showcase, please stop by and say hello. We would love to talk to you about we can help grow your business.

@Exeter Engineering — we're on social media too


Exeter Engineering is also on social media. If you’re interested in learning more about our products, services or people, give us a follow! We’re on LinkedIn and Facebook, or you can check out our videos on YouTube.

The revolutionary AccuVision 360…now available


EXETER, CA – The AccuVision 360 — Exeter Engineering’s revolutionary new optical sorter for oblong-shaped produce — is now available. Combining a unique presentation system, blazing speed, and our proprietary ID Technology suite of high-definition, multi-spectral cameras, custom-tuned LED lighting and AI-powered sorting, the AccuVision 360 is faster than any similar machine on the market today. Start 2024 off with some blazing speed…try the AccuVision 360 today.


To learn more, visit our AccuVision 360 page or drop us a line at

Join the revolution!

Exeter Engineering debuts our new look


EXETER, CA – Exeter Engineering today unveiled our new corporate identity. Our new logo reinforces our commitment to our customers, while recognizing our past and present as a family-owned and operated business. The word mark incorporates our full name — Exeter Engineering — emphasizing our continuing commitment to building solutions for our customers. We also added a stylized potato leaf to let our friends in the fresh produce industry know how much a part of our family we consider each customer. And the logo mark features two dynamic capital Es, harkening back to our first logo in 1978 while incorporating the cutting edge technology we provide today, and the energy we will carry into our future. Both marks include new shades of blue, reflecting the blue of the sky over the Sierra Nevada mountains, always visible east of our facilities.

The new logo is featured on our new website. Please come take a look — we are at — and find out how we can help your business meet its challenges, now and for years to come.

Exeter Engineering is developing Foreign Debris Detection


EXETER, CA – Exeter Engineering is developing an industry first, optical-powered Foreign Debris Detection system for chip-potato packing lines. Combining our proven ID Technology suite of cameras and custom-tuned lighting with AI-powered image recognition, the Foreign Debris Detection system identifies walnuts and golf balls in the product stream…before they cause you or your customers any headaches.

Coming in the Fall of 2023, the Foreign Debris Detection will be available as a stand-alone add-on to existing Exeter Engineering infeed systems or we can engineer a solution to add the system in between parts of existing conveyor systems. Contact us today — at or by phone at (559) 592-3161 — to learn more.