Exeter Engineering ...since 1978

Exeter Engineering was founded in 1978, by Jeff Batchman. Jeff’s goal was to build machines with cutting-edge technology, engineered with common-sense reliability, made by people who are proud of their work.

Jeff started the company in Exeter, California, a small town in the Central Valley and a center of the citrus industry. His first hire was Jack Bedwell — who retired in 2022, after 40 years with our company.It was the company’s proximity to Central California’s citrus groves that inspired to Exeter Engineering’s first equipment, focused on handling citrus.

From those beginnings, we developed our expertise and adapted our skills to build new products for new markets, including root crops, vegetables, and other fruits. We now offer a variety of solutions for many customers, but every project we build is still made with the same goal as the first one: to be the best and most reliable solution meeting our customer’s challenges.

Exeter Engineering started as a company serving a local market. But as the number of solutions we provide to our customers has grown, so too has our customer base. We can now boast customers around the world, including installations in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, Canada, Mexico and the United States. Despite our growth, we are still a family owned and operated business: our current CEO is Boomer Batchman, Jeff’s son. Boomer is joined by a strong management team dedicated to the pursuit of Jeff’s vision for our company. Though Jeff passed away in 2019, his spirit and drive still animate everything that we do at Exeter Engineering.

Now, into our fifth decade of business, we’re still true to our roots, and we’re still dedicated to building equipment with cutting-edge technology and common-sense reliability…just for you.