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The Exeter Accuvision system provides accurate color, surface defect grading and sizing. When integrated with Exeter’s x-ray system for inspecting internal defects, the Accuvision assures packers of maintaining USDA grade standards.Simplicity is central to Exeter’s electronic sorter, grader, and sizer designs. Since the transportation system has..

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The Sidewinder is a unique versatile carrier designed to handle products with oblong or irregular shaped fruits and vegetables. Individual fingers gently divert the product off the carrier system. Capable of handling products such as bell peppers, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, onions, avocados and tropical fruits…

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Exeter Engineering has recently introduced their Accuvision Electronic Upgrades technologies. These state-of-the-art technologies are specifically anyone currently using a grader/sizer. Our LED lighting system is strobe and energy efficient. Our intuitive user interface is fast and easy to use software…

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Welcome to Exeter Engineering

Welcome to Exeter Engineering, a 37 year old company that designs some of the most proven handling equipment in the fresh produce industry. Exeter Engineering plans, designs and installs complete packing house systems that decrease expenses and increase profits. We redesign packing houses in need of a make-over to better accomplish their ever changing goals. We provide outstanding support and service to what we install. Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers are constantly in research and development stages of equipment to forge ahead, remaining on the cusp of innovation and technology. THIS is advanced design and engineering. Proven. Stable. Energy efficient.