For packing large melons and round melons, the AccuVision XL is the one

The AccuVision XL is designed specifically for large melons and round melons. Fast and delicate, the AccuVision XL guarantees your throughput will stay high. Using Exeter Engineering’s exclusive ID Technology, the AccuVision XL gives you optimal sorting results by weight, shape, size or external defects. And the AccuVision XL is built tough, ready to handle the rigors of the job, season after season.

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    • High volume: up to 30 tons per hour
    • Automatic singulation
    • Customizable drops
    • Accurate sorting by dimensions, shape, size and/or weight
    • ID Technology package, with custom-tuned lighting in visible and infrared spectrum and high-definition, dual camera system
    • Reliable cable carrier system
    • Pneumatic ejection system for gentle handling
    • Padded pack tables
    • Easily paired with our Melon Tri-Wall Fillers

    AccuVision XL sorters are designed to sort large seedless and seeded melons. With a high capacity and a labor-free, automatic infeed system, melons are gently delivered to the sorter and processed quickly and efficiently.

    Exeter Engineering’s exclusive ID Technology system provides optimal sorting results. Using high-definition, multispectral cameras mounted at opposing 45-degree angles and custom-tuned LED lighting, the AccuVision XL’s ID Technology suite takes multiple high-resolution images of each piece of product in both visible and infrared spectrum. These images are used to calibrate weight, shape, external color and surface characteristics.

    ID Technology’s easy-to-use software makes it simple to select or change grades. And with ID Technology’s live imagery, intuitive controls and built-in “predictive change” capability, you can see — in real time — how the changes you are thinking of making will affect your grading going forward.

    The AccuVision XL can be installed as a mobile, stand-alone unit or as part of a permanent line. Exeter Engineering offers complete pack line design solutions for receiving your melons from the field to the packing house — from product reception areas receiving product in bulk or bins, to washing and automatic tri wall fillers. There’s a reason we are still called “Exeter Engineering”: we don’t just make or install equipment, we build solutions.

    Capacity (lbs/hr)

    60,000 lbs. per hour


    Seedless melons
    Seeded melons

    Grading features

    Surface Color Defects


    • Made in Exeter, California
    • 24-month warranty
    • 304 stainless steel throughout; higher grades are available
    • Blue PVC belts
    • Electrical components by Allen Bradley; other marks available
    • Meets or exceeds all major government and retailer standards

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