Fast and flexible, the Sidewinder sorter will increase throughput, reduce labor costs, and improve product utilization

Sidewinder is designed for sorting oblong- and irregular-shaped produce. Our innovative carrier design provides accurate, multi-product grading capabilities along with industry leading throughput and capacity. Available in multiple-lane configurations and labor-free infeed options, Sidewinder is the one machine to get all of your work done.

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    • Reliable and responsive sorting
    • Innovative carrier design with 360-degree product rotation and automatic product infeed for optimal imagery
    • ID Technology package, with custom-tuned lighting—in visible and infrared spectrum—and high-definition, dual camera imaging system
    • Gentle pneumatic ejection system
    • Soft product deliveries
    • High throughput/high-capacity

    The Sidewinder sorter is a unique multi-drop sorting solution, with a robust design that performs well in any packing environment. Sidewinder has gained wide acceptance from single and multi-commodity growers for its ability to accurately size and grade a wide variety of products utilizing the same versatile carrier. Our unique infeed systems provide labor-free product placement onto the carrier while optimally presenting the product to our ID Technology AI-powered optical system, giving you superior grading results.

    The key to Sidewinder’s success is its ability to rotate your product 360 degrees while it is photographed. Our vision technology includes two 3.2 mega pixel HD cameras, mounted at opposing 45-degree angles to each lane. Each camera can simultaneously take both color and infrared images. Custom-tuned LED gives us precision control of imaging conditions, differentiating the spectrum of light used to best inspect your product. Multiple HD images of each rotating product are analyzed by the AI-powered ID Technology system, giving you consistent, optimal results. And our intuitive user interface allows you to easily change sizing and grading parameters by any combination of length, diameter, area, color, shape and external quality. Live imaging means you can instantly see what your changes will mean for each sort.

    Lane Configurations

    2 Lane
    4 Lane
    6 Lane
    8 Lane
    10 Lane

    Capacity (lbs/hr) Bell Peppers

    2 Lane

    13,000 lbs. per hour

    4 Lane

    27,000 lbs. per hour

    6 Lane

    40,000 lbs. per hour

    8 Lane

    53,000 lbs. per hour

    10 Lane

    66,000 lbs. per hour

    Capacity (lbs/hr) Cucumber / Squash

    2 Lane

    19,000 pcs per hour

    4 Lane

    38,000 pcs per hour

    6 Lane

    57,000 pcs per hour

    8 Lane

    76,000 pcs per hour

    10 Lane

    96,000 pcs per hour

    Grading features-Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered resultsgrades for:

    Sun scald
    Wind scar
    Shape or curvature
    Stem detection


    • Made in Exeter, California
    • 24-month warranty
    • 304 stainless steel throughout; higher grades are available
    • Blue PVC belts
    • Electrical components by Allen Bradley; other marks available
    • The Sidewinder meets or exceeds all major government and retailer standards

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