Rugged and compact, the Oculus sorter will maximize your return on investment while minimizing downtime

Gentler on your product…and your wallet. The Oculus is a compact, three-drop sorter with a unique roller design that yields superior sorting and grading results. Its rugged design and construction means more uptime and lower maintenance costs. And with ID Technology, your sorting and grading results will be exactly what you need them to be.

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    • Intelligent, compact footprint
    • Robust design
    • Outstanding reliability
    • Low operating cost
    • Low maintenance cost
    • Easy-to-use, with an intuitive UI and touch screen controls
    • Simple roller presentation system for superior imaging results
    • Process specification wash down compliant
    • Base models use an advanced combination of grading possibilities, with accuracy of 85-90%
    • Available with Exeter Engineering’s exclusive ID Technology, featuring AI-powered sorting, advanced imaging, and accuracy rates of over 95%

    The Oculus sorter is a unique three-drop sorting solution, with a robust design that is easy and inexpensive to run and maintain…all in one of the smallest footprints in the industry. Oculus uses a unique roller design that allows easy singulation and yields superior grading results. Combined with Exeter Engineering’s exclusive ID Technology — our optical grading suite of cameras (capable of taking images in both visible and infra-red spectrums), custom-tuned LED lighting, and AI-powered decision-making algorithms — the rollers present each piece of product to the imaging system with a 360° view. Superior presentation means better imagery, and better imagery gives you consistent grading results unmatched in the fresh produce industry.

    Oculus is also built to be gentle on both your product and your budget. Each Oculus structure made from 5/16” 304 stainless steel, with the conveyors made from 12 gauge 304 stainless steel. That rugged construction ensures that it will last season after season. And the gentle handling nature of the selection fingers also protects your product…while also lasting over twice as long as other types of sorters. In fact, maintenance costs overall are typically more than 70% less than competing machines. With a compact footprint and a wide range of configuration options, the Oculus has represents the highest quality grading results for the lowest overall cost.

    4 Width Sizes


    2 output options


    1 run out conveyor (nominally process conveyor) and good product over the end.


    2 run out conveyor (nominally process conveyor and second’s conveyor) and good product over the end.

    3 roller diameter sizes and product size range (relating the size of potato that the machine is designed to sort)

    3” roller

    0.8” – 2.7” Diameter potatoes

    4” roller

    1.0” – 3.3” Diameter potatoes

    5” roller

    2.0” – 4.3” Diameter potatoes

    Capacity (lbs/hr)

    3” roller

    • 1000 (33,000)
    • 1300 (41,000)
    • 2000 (66,000)
    • 2400 (80,000)

    4” roller

    • 1000 (39,000)
    • 1300 (50,000)
    • 2000 (80,000)
    • 2400 (94,000)

    5” roller

    • 1000 (44,000)
    • 1300 (65,000)
    • 2000 (83,000)
    • 2400 (99,000)

    Potato products Oculus

    Small potatoes

    Grading features

    Artificial Intelligence
    (AI)-powered results
    Air crack
    Growth crack
    Worm hole
    Silver scurf

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