Exeter Engineering debuts our new look

Month: July 2023

EXETER, CA – Exeter Engineering today unveiled our new corporate identity. Our new logo reinforces our commitment to our customers, while recognizing our past and present as a family-owned and operated business. The word mark incorporates our full name — Exeter Engineering — emphasizing our continuing commitment to building solutions for our customers. We also added a stylized potato leaf to let our friends in the fresh produce industry know how much a part of our family we consider each customer. And the logo mark features two dynamic capital Es, harkening back to our first logo in 1978 while incorporating the cutting edge technology we provide today, and the energy we will carry into our future. Both marks include new shades of blue, reflecting the blue of the sky over the Sierra Nevada mountains, always visible east of our facilities.

The new logo is featured on our new website. Please come take a look — we are at www.exeterengineering.com — and find out how we can help your business meet its challenges, now and for years to come.