July 1, 2024

ID Technology is AI that works…today

You’re probably hearing a lot of about Artificial Intelligence these days. It seems like every third news article talks about how transformative AI will be, how it will change the world.

It’s all future tense.

If you work in fresh produce, you know that the future is tomorrow but there’s work to do today. A prediction or forecast is only as useful as it is accurate. But something that works today…is accurate today…that’s useful.

That’s Exeter Engineering’s ID Technology, our Artificial Intelligence-powered optical grading suite. Using a combination of machine learning, advanced imaging, and a huge proprietary database, ID Technology instantly analyses images of each piece of your product and grades it according to the parameters you set. Want to change those parameters? Easy. ID Technology’s intuitive interface makes it fast and easy. It shows you live images, so you can see what your changes mean in real time, and it gives you predictions of how those changes will affect the whole sort. ID Technology also works with our industry-leading Hollow Heart Detector to grade for interior molds and cavities.

We are constantly improving ID Technology’s capabilities. Upgraded cameras featuring multi-spectral capabilities, better algorithmic performance, and more are coming soon. It’s available on all of our sorters…today. Don’t wait for the future to reap the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. Get in touch to see how ID Technology can help you today!