Accuvision Vision Sorter

The Exeter Accuvision system provides accurate color, surface defect grading and sizing. When integrated with Exeter’s X-ray system, inspecting for internal defects, assures packers of maintaining USDA grade standards. Simplicity is central to the Exeter’s electronic sorter, grader, sizer design. Since the transportation system has few moving parts, it has minimal maintenance requirements and a long, problem free operating life. It operates with a cable pulley set up and high strength polyurethane jacketed cables which slide smoothly on UHMW guides. Potato removal is accomplished by a solenoid actuated air cylinder shear. This high speed shear advances, removes the product, and retracts without disrupting potatoes on either side of the one being removed. A soft plastic is used for the removal shoe. Padded and inclined delivery boards with curtains allow for gentle handling of all potatoes, to help minimize bruising.

Accuvision Optical Sorting Technology

The Accuvision Optical Sorting Technologyis designed to reduce labor costs through its ability to simultaneously size and grade your product. This gives you the ability to sort US#1, US#2, Non-A, special sizes, and process at your discretion. Accuvision high-speed color camera system views the commodity surface from two directions and has the ability to grade and size at the rate of 4 to 5 pieces per second per lane. Efficiency, accuracy and innovation are the guiding principles behind Exeter Engineering’s line of automated sizing and defect grading equipment. The Accuvision sorter has achieved wide acceptance throughout the potato industry with its ability to both size and detect surface defects.

Isometric Renderings

Durable And Low Maintenance

Reinforced polyurethane jacketed, polyester core cables, minimize wear from dirt and mud machined nylon sheave cable pulleys. Easily replaceable t-slot UHMW wear strips and few moving parts endurethe rigors of the fresh food packing environment.

Automatic Singulation System

A vibratory feed system with soft placement wheels and product singulation allows for a labor free placement of the commodity on cables.

Gentle Product Removal System

Pneumatically activated soft plastic contact points gently divert to padded delivery transportation systems designed for durability.