Gently ensuring weighing and bagging operations run fast and efficiently

The XTR300 EvenFlow Hopper is a compact machine that keeps your packing and bagging operations running smoothly. Ruggedly built, the XTR300 delivers the right volume to your packing set-up every time, and for season after season. It is available in multiple widths and can handle a variety of products. The XTR300’s small footprint also means that it can easily be installed as part of a new lines or added into existing infrastructure.

  • Compact footprint
  • Gently receives and releases products in preferred volumes from 500-1000 lbs
  • Photo-eye technology ensures consistently correct volumes are released to packaging
  • Rugged construction, with 10-gauge stainless steel and .120 W tubing
  • Available in multiple widths, depending on your needs
  • Easy to add to existing lines or as part of a new line

The XTR300 EvenFlow Hopper is a surefire way to keep your packing lines running efficiently. Receiving product from your sorters, the XTR300 will accumulate product (usually between 500–1000 pounds worth), gently lowering its bin until the volume you’ve chosen is collected by its photo-eye sensor. It then gently releases the accumulated product for the next step in your operations in a seamless process. And with its compact footprint, you can use the XTR300 just about anywhere, keeping your lines running, guarding the value of your product and keeping your customers happy.


  • Made in Exeter, California
  • 24-month warranty
  • 304 stainless steel throughout; higher grades are available
  • Electrical components by Allen Bradley; other marks available
  • Meets or exceeds all major government and retailer standards

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