Fast and gentle drying of product after wet cleaning operations

The Series 1800 Sponge Dryer offers a gentle way to dry your product after wet cleaning operations. It is easy to maintain and is easily integrated into a complete, automatic cleaning system.

  • Closed cell sponge discs for superior drying and easy replacement
  • 15 or 20 sponge covered rollers
  • Simple single chain drive mechanism; direct drive to each roller
  • Stainless steel contact sides
  • Simple method for roller replacement: no removal of chains, sprockets or bearings for sponge maintenance
  • Available in 36-, 50-, 60-, and 70-inch widths
  • High quality, Nord branded gearbox and motor

The Series 1800 Sponge Dryer gets your product prepared for the next step in your line. It uses a unique drive system to keep your product moving through the machine, drying it well without damage. As your product passes through Series 1800, the sponges absorb water. The closed cell sponge technology in the Series 1800 means that the water doesn’t penetrate to the sponge’s interior, however, making easy to squeeze out so it is ready for the next piece of product passing through. The design also makes replacement of sponges easy, as unlike other machine, there is no need to remove bearings, sprockets or chains.


  • Air-operated squeeze control to further ensure uniform drying of each piece of product.
  • Available in full stainless steel construction
  • Brush rollers for stone removal
  • Pintle de-watering roller
  • 3 x stars shaft for chip removal
  • Auger base for debris separation from water
  • Crop clearing device


  • Made by HJV Engineering in Alliston, Ontario, Canada
  • Meets or exceeds all major government and retailer standards

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