Simple solutions to make your sorting even more efficient

Exeter Engineering’s Screensizers and Undersize Eliminators are two simple solutions to the problem of maximizing the efficiency of your sorting lines. With the ability to control for various sizes of product before they get to your sorter, Screensizers and Undersize Eliminators are easy additions to your lines, saving you time and money.

  • Screensizer: easy-to-change screens of varying sizes
  • Undersize Eliminator: no-maintenance elimination of undersized product
  • Easy to clean
  • Rugged construction, lasting for season after season
  • Can be combined with the AccuVision360, AccuVision, Sidewinder or Oculus sorting systems

The Exeter Engineering Screensizers and Undersize Eliminators are simple additions to your lines. The Screensizer gives you the ability to change screen sizes to capture various sizes of products before they reach your sorter. From the intake system, the Screensizer allows product to pass over a specially-sized screen on its way to your sorting system. Products that are small enough to fit through the screen openings fall through and are gathered in the collection system. The rest of your product proceeds to sorting. The system reduces the number of passthroughs and increases the efficiency of your sorting.

The Undersize Eliminator is a fixed size (height and width) screen that captures any undersized product passing over it. While the remainder of your product goes to sorting, the undersized is gathered in the collection system. Whether you need the flexibility of multi-sizes or the certainty of a fixed-size, our Screensizers and Undersize Eliminators offer you simple solutions.


  • Screensizer is made by HJV Engineering of Alliston, Ontario, Canada
  • Undersize Eliminator is made in Exeter, California
  • Undersize Eliminator carries a 24-month warranty
  • Both made with 304 stainless steel; different grades are available
  • Undersize Eliminator uses electrical components by Allen Bradley; other marks available
  • Both meet or exceed all major government and retailer standards

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