High-capacity palletizing solution

The Robotic Tray Palletizer is a highly capable system designed to palletize bags and boxes of your product without breaking your back. These rugged robots are designed and engineered to quickly palletize a high volume of product gently and efficiently. Its small footprint means that it can go just about anywhere. And with superior construction, the Robotic Tray Palletizer will last for season after season.

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    • 600 placements (bags or boxes on pallets) per hour, more with double or even triple pick options
    • Superior engineering means smooth, controlled movements to ensure gentle product handling
    • Ergonomic gripper head protects product from damage during palletizing
    • Safety rails and light protection system keep staff safe
    • Small footprint for easy integration into your lines

    The Robotic Tray Palletizer is made to do the hard work for you. To save your back and your wallet, Exeter Engineering is happy to offer these very capable machines. The robots make formerly backbreaking work a breeze. They are small enough to fit just about anywhere, and tough enough to last for a long time, even under heavy use. What’s more, their intuitive user controls and a touch-screen interface make them easy to control and a pleasure to use.

    The Robotic Tray Palletizer gently places your product on pallets, preventing repetitive stress injuries, reducing your labor costs and still keeping your product pristine. It is engineered to last but not to break the bank. Exeter Engineering offers these fantastic Robots at attractive price points, making them good for both your bottom line and your back.

    • Intuitive, HMI touch screen controls on digital displays
    • Standardized components for easy maintenance and maximum up-time
    • Stainless steel construction


    • Made by Agrimech in Three Holes, Norfolk, UK
    • Meets or exceeds all major government and retailer standards

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