For accuracy and speed for large crop, single bin weighing.

The Hydra is a highly accurate solution when you need to weigh large crop products in multiple bins simultaneously. It is a high-capacity performer, weighing quickly while still protecting your product. And its rugged design means it is easy to use and maintain.

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    • High-capacity: 15 tons/hour for 50 lb. paper sacks
    • Designed for use with all types of boxes, trays, bags, sacks and poly-banded netting
    • Available in 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16-head configurations
    • Accuracy within .1 ounce
    • Gentle, with an ergonomic gripper head and cross conveyor to reduce jamming
    • Flexible, easy to orient where and how you need it, including integrated forklift tubes for easier moves
    • Inverter technology giving infinite control and adjustment

    The Hydra is a great solution when you need to make your bagging and processing chain simple and smooth. The Hydra is a multi-head weigher designed for a variety of packaging solution. Each bin can weigh product from 5-12 lbs., combining just the right amount for accuracy within .1 ounces. The Hydra’s robust design and construction means you don’t sacrifice maintenance costs for accuracy. It is built from quality stainless steel, with cleated feeding belts and an ergonomically designed gripper heads. That translates into reliable, trouble-free operations and easy maintenance. It is also easy to reconfigure and move around, with integrated forklift tubes. That means you can use it where you want, when you need it.

    • Designed for 50 lb. weights
    • Capacity of 10 bags/boxes per minute, 14 if split-sided
    • Designed for use with all types of boxes, trays, bags, sacks and poly-banded netting
    • Intuitive, large HMI touch screen controls on digital displays
    • Standardized components for easy maintenance and maximum up-time
    • Also available with “remote engineer” capabilities for communication via Ethernet link to support engineer


    • Made by Agrimech, in Three Holes, Norfolk, UK
    • Comes with 12-month parts and labor warranty
    • Meets or exceeds all major government and retailer standards
    • Dimensions: 7.5 ft. length x 11 ft. width x 9.3 ft. height

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