Electronic Upgrades

Exeter Engineering has recently introduced their Accu Vision Electronic Upgrades technologies. These state-of-the-art technologies are specifically anyone currently using a grader/sizer.

HD Camera

  • 1*HD High Speed Camera
  • Exeter-Engineering’s vision system utilizes both visible and infra-red spectrum viewing for superior product definition.


LED Lighting System

  • Strobe Lighting
  • Energy Efficient
  • An essential component to Exeter-Engineering’s vision system

Intuitive User Interface

  • Fast & easy to use software
  • Easily program sorting criteria for various products
  • Programs & Preferences can be stored in memory for later use

The Revolution…

One of our finest creations… the Revolution. The Revolution’s exclusive color HD camera video system utilizes the latest in digital signal processing technology. The technology allows for the automatic detection of the size, weight and shape of each product. The machine is capable of performing external defect grading for such things as dark bruising and discoloration on the product’s surface. It boasts the latest LED “strobe” lighting system for maximum lighting and longer light life span. The Revolution section of the cable system allows the product to rotate gently allowing the HD cameras to take several images of all sides of the commodity. An IBM compatible PC, color monitor and printer are furnished to communicate with the Revolution.