We have been optically and electronically sorting tomatoes since our purchase of Produce Sorters International. Today we provide tomato sorters for the packer and processor, improving the profitability of our customers. When it comes to sorting tomatoes, gentle handling plus accuracy of color sorting and weight sizing are the most important aspects to consider when evaluating sorting systems.

Some tomatoes are a delicate fruit and deserve the special handling that only a Sidewinder system can offer. Sidewinder machines are already well proven in the United States, Canadian and Australian markets, currently being used by leading Tomato packers and repackers. Tomatoes can be sorted by color, weight, diameter (minimum or maximum) and for blemishes with a variety of packing options available. These include place packing single or double layer packs or semi-automated volume filling where the computer weighs each carton automatically before palletizing. Re-packers have found this Sidewinder system exceptionally good value to replace hand sorting and to make the final product consistently superior compared to hand packing

Hothouse or field-grown Tomatoes often require many color separations, up to 6 colors x 6 sizes. This can lead to a long sorting machine if using alternate filling systems.